WELCOME BACK!!! Cochin Duty Free is now OPEN 24 x7 !!

 Shop Anytime! Cochin Duty Free is open 24x7 and you are welcome to visit the store to get exciting deals with plenty of offers on top brands.

 Practice Safety Measures @Cochin Duty Free

 The passengers must follow the safety measures in the right manner. Wearing masks, washing the hands using sanitizer and practicing physical distancing is really important and mandatory.

 Your Favourite Anchor Milk Powder is Back!

 We are pleased to inform you that Anchor milk powder is  available in our stores now.

 Indian Baggage Allowance Revised...!

Indian government has substituted the existing Baggage Rules 1998 with Baggage Rules 2016 to simplyfy and rationalise multiple slabs of dutyfree allowance for various categories of passengers.Under the new rules,dutyfree baggage allowance carried by an international passenger,when coming to India,is increased from Rs 45,000 to 50,000 (from 1 April 2016).For more details follow the link.

 Tobacco - Revised customs allowance in effect. (ARRIVAL)

Due to new customs regulations, the allowance for tobacco  is reduced from 200 sticks to 100 sticks per passenger .